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    Etxeondo Jersey Garai

    Cutting-edge design and aerodynamics design. The perfect combination... Show more
    59,- In stock : 1-2 working days
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    Product description

    Etxeondo Jersey Garai

    Cutting-edge design and aerodynamics design. The perfect combination

    Going faster on the road is not just about physical performance. Clothing choice is key for riders looking for extra speed. Our new Garai jersey, with its tight fit and minimal weight, combines cutting-edge aerodynamics with modern, elegant design.

    Manufactured using Microsystem Endurance technology, the fabric is soft and highly elastic, giving a sleek jersey with a class-leading fit, that also offers great comfort.

    The designers from Etxeondo prioritised speed. Front and rear panels of Endurance fabric cling to the rider, applying appropriate compression. Aerodynamic sleeves of ribbed Neoair cut wind resistance, helping you slice through the air. Etxeondos free cut technology avoids the need for seams or elastic grippers.

    The collar is finished with a custom seam cover, improving aesthetics and long-term durability, with a non-slip waistband keeping the jersey in position for kilometre after kilometre.

    Three easily accessible, elastic rear pockets provide ample storage for a phone, spares and food.

    A reflective rear band ensures enhanced visibility and safety in low light or poor weather.

    Go faster. GARAI


    Minimum temperature
    16 Degrees
    Maximum temperature
    30 Degrees

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