Argonaut Cycles: Making Special Carbon Fiber Bikes

Argonaut Cycles, started by Ben Farver, is known for its unique bikes made from carbon fiber. They're famous for their cool designs and careful work. They focus on making bikes that fit each rider perfectly.

Every bike from Argonaut Cycles is made with a lot of care, from talking to the rider to putting it all together. Ben Farver's knowledge of airplanes helps them use the best materials and techniques for bikes that are super strong and comfy.

Argonaut Cycles doesn't just make bikes; they're part of the cycling community. They work with other bike people and are always looking for new ideas.

People love Argonaut Cycles because their bikes are top-notch and always perform well. They're praised by bike fans and pros alike. Argonaut Cycles is a leader in making bikes better and better.


Designed, tested and build in Bend, Oregon.
In Bend, Oregon, Argonaut Cycles designs, tests, and builds its bikes. The team crafts bikes that blend aesthetics with performance, ensuring durability on varied terrain. Each bike reflects the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Argonaut's Full Custom Progress

Argonaut Cycles offers a full-custom process that starts with talking to the rider to understand what they want and need. Then, they design a unique bike using special software and make precise molds. Skilled craftsmen in Bend, Oregon, build the frame by hand, making sure it's strong and looks great.

They test the frame to make sure it's tough enough, and then add the parts the rider wants. Finally, they check everything to make sure it's perfect before giving it to the rider. This process creates a bike that's made just for the rider, so it fits them perfectly and works great on any road or trail.


Argonaut Cycles leads the way in bike tech, using advanced methods to make top-notch carbon fiber frames. They start by using fancy computer programs to design frames just for each rider. Then, they use 3D printing to make precise molds for building the frames. This makes sure each frame is super accurate and strong.

Argonaut is serious about testing too. They check their frames a lot to make sure they can handle real-life riding. Always pushing for better bikes, Argonaut is known for making top-quality bikes that work great for all riders.

Argonaut Cycles at BikeSuperior

At BikeSuperior, Argonaut Cycles stands out for their great bikes. They're known for using advanced materials like carbon fiber and making each bike just right for the rider. With strong frames and smooth rides, Argonaut bikes are perfect for any road or trail. We always have multiple models in our showroom or even available as test bikes. Don't hesitate to ask!