Cycling is in our DNA. We have a rich history of extraordinary victories, legendary bicycles, and unparalleled passion and expertise. With the Pinarello F, we have honored this legacy by designing a bike that not only performs extremely well, but also takes you straight to victory. The Pinarello F is the perfect partner for anyone looking for the ultimate cycling experience.

The Pinarello Dogma has contributed to the victory of seven of the last eleven Tours de France, and the latest generation is now ready to continue this legacy of success.

The art of balance

The Pinarello Dogma F is the culmination of skill and experience, a masterpiece of engineering that offers improvements in handling, comfort, and aerodynamics, wrapped in a package that has just as much flair when climbing, descending, and sprinting. Whatever the road has in store for you, the DOGMA F is always the right bike.

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