Go flat out

If you're looking to win a gravel race, look no further than the Pinarello Dogma F.


The Pinarello Grevil F is a versatile bike that can handle anything you throw its way. It can accommodate any type of wheel or tire combination, giving you the freedom to customize it to your needs and compete against yourself.


Aerodynamics are crucial even off-road. Every watt counts towards your victory, which is why the design of the Pinarello Grevil F puts a strong emphasis on aerodynamics and stiffness. If you're looking to conquer any terrain, this is the bike for you.


Range of Pinarello Grevil F at BikeSuperior

At BikeSuperior we have an exclusive offer of Pinarello Grevil F gravel bikes. Check out our offer below and experience the rough but also fast feeling of the Grevil F and its aerodynamic power. Would you like first contact or advice about the bike? You can! Simply contact us and we will help you out!