The Factor O2 is light. When the bike was introduced, it immediately found mountain stages at the Tour de France and a second place at Paris-Roubaix. This updated model of the O2 is even better than that due to improved production techniques that make the frame even lighter, stronger and more durable. Although the Factor O2 is not as aerodynamic as the Factor OSTRO VAM, the bike is still very fast and also very comfortable, lightweight and therefore very suitable for climbing.

Features of the Factor O2

The geometry of the Factor O2 has been specifically optimized for consistent, stable handling and effective power transmission in all sizes. The asymmetrical down tube forms a kind of backbone between the headset and the bottom bracket. This gives a perfect balance of torsional and vertical stiffness. This largely contributes to the lively and reactive character of the bicycle. The Factor O2 frame is designed for climbing and weighs just 885g. Up to 30mm wide tires fit in the frame to provide extra comfort.

Factor O2 racing bikes at BikeSuperior

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