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    Road Bikes at BikeSuperior

    If you're looking for a racing bike, there's a lot to consider. BikeSuperior has a wide range of racing bikes from top brands. This is how we help you choose the best racing bike. Discover our race bikes!



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    Road Bikes at BikeSuperior

    What is a road racing bike?

    Road bikes are a type of bicycle specially designed for road cycling. They have thinner tires and frame tubes than, say, a mountain bike or gravel bike, so they can be ridden at higher speeds on paved roads. Racing bicycles are therefore intended to cycle a certain distance as aerodynamically as possible at high speeds.

    Characteristics of a road bike

    All road bikes have a few features in common. For example, road bikes have thinner tires than other types of bikes, making them faster on paved roads. Road bikes also typically have more gears than other types of bikes, allowing cyclists to keep pace when riding uphill or into the wind. In addition, road bikes usually have lightweight frames and handlebars, which allow the rider to lean forward while riding, which aids aerodynamics.

    What is the difference between a carbon and an aluminium road bike?

    There are several key differences between aluminum and carbon road bikes. For starters, aluminum road bikes are typically cheaper than carbon road bikes. They also weigh more than carbon road bikes, making them less aerodynamic. Carbon road bikes are generally lighter and more aerodynamic than aluminum road bikes, but they are also more expensive.

    Various models of road bikes at BikeSuperior

    At BikeSuperior you will find road bikes from top brands, such as 3T, Aurum, Enve, Factor, J.Guillem and Rondo. These road bikes are top quality and designed to deliver the very best performance. Discover all models at BikeSuperior...

    Buy a Road Bike at BikeSuperior?

    At BikeSuperior we have a wide range of road bikes from only top brands. Whether you're looking for a relaxed ride through the city or an adrenaline-pumping course, we've got just what you need. We are happy to help you make the best choice and provide you with the best tailor-made advice.

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