Discover the ultimate adventure companion with the Allied Able Gravelbike. Engineered for versatility and performance, it conquers any terrain with ease. Featuring state-of-the-art components and precision craftsmanship. Whether you're exploring rugged trails or tackling long-distance rides, the Allied Able is your ticket to limitless exploration. Explore the full range of capabilities and experience the thrill of gravel riding like never before.

Key Features

Max tire size
700x47c (or 650bx55c) front
700x43c (or 650bx47c) rear

Geometry optimized for gravel and other off-road riding with a headtube angle of 71 degrees and a trail of 66mm for most sizes, with a stack slightly taller than the Allroad and Alfa Disc

Bottle Mounts
2x Downtube, Seat Tube and Top Tube bag (or 4th bottle)

1x Specific