The Factor LS is a slim, light and responsive gravel bike without too many unnecessary additions. This is a bike that demands to be ridden at racing speeds, whether on rough gravel surfaces or smooth asphalt. The stiff frame makes the Factor LS agile and durable at the same time and this stiffness makes it an excellent climber and gives the rider confidence when descending.

Features of the Factor LS Gravelbike

The LS is made for speed, both on asphalt and on gravel. The frame is optimized for 40mm 28" gravel tires, but is also suitable for faster road rides with a 30-35mm tire. In addition, the frame is compatible with 1-by and 2-by groupsets, both electrical and mechanical.

Thanks to the versatility of the Factor LS, every rider can use the bike completely according to his or her own wishes and adapt it to his or her riding style.

Factor LS Gravebikes at BikeSuperior

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