Mondraker, a brand focused on high-end mountain bike development, was established in 2001. Explore the complete range of cross country bikes at BikeSuperior, where you can easily place an online order or visit our showroom.

"Mondraker, the way forward."

Mondraker, a Spanish mountain bike manufacturer founded in 2001, is renowned for its Forward Geometry. This innovative design features a long top tube that ensures a safer, more confident, and stable weight distribution on the bike. Another standout feature is the Zero Suspension technology, which utilizes two suspension links to provide exceptional sensitivity to both small bumps and large impacts.

Mondraker Cross Country Bikes

Our cross country bikes excel in being lightweight, agile, and robust. With over 20 years of experience in creating exceptional bikes with cutting-edge features, we continually push the boundaries. Mondraker's state-of-the-art technologies, including forward geometry, stealth air full carbon, and the zero suspension system, set these models as benchmarks in the international cross country circuit.

Mondraker has invested significant time and effort into developing the frames of our cross country mountain bikes. Currently, the frames of the Mondraker Podium models are the lightest available in the market.

Mondraker Mountain Bike Models

At BikeSuperior, we offer a diverse range of Mondraker mountain bike models. You can find all the popular cross country models, namely Mondraker F-Podium, Mondraker Podium, and Mondraker Chrono. Discover the entire Mondraker bike lineup at BikeSuperior.

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