From the beginning of the 3T Strada, 3T's goal has been to deliver the best in aerodynamics and comfort. Without comfort it is not possible to maintain your aerodynamic position. While pushing the limits of aerodynamics, the 3T NEW Strada clearly has two zones: the Speed zone and the Comfrt zone. The Speed zone of the 3T NEW Strada is located in the front half of the frame with its aerodynamic, slim headset and narrow fork. The comfort zone is located in the rear part of the 3T NEW Strada frame. The curved seat tube, slim seatstays and long seat post provide ultimate comfort, while also contributing to the aerodynamics of the bike.

Features 3T NEW Strada

The 3T Strada is the first aero road bike designed around wider tires. The 3T NEW Strada also follows this design idea. Comfort comes from the tires. Wider tires absorb impacts from cracks, cobblestones and potholes better.

On the 3T NEW Strada, the brake lines run internally to reduce air resistance. 3T's goal is to hide the brake lines on the 3T NEW Strada, but also keep the headset narrow with the same narrow bearings as the original 3T Strada. Difficult enough, but the result is astonishing! Instead of a wider headset, the 3T NEW Strada has a longer, aerodynamic headset and even an "aero nose" to take full advantage of the new UCI rules.

With the 3T NEW Strada you have two choices regarding the stem. 3T has adapted the standard 3T Apto stem for integrated cable routing, so it now comes standard on the 3T NEW Strada. You can also choose the new 3T MORE Carbon stem. 3T Integrale on the 3T NEW Strada is compatible with the SRAM and Shimano Electronic groupsets in 1x12 and 2x12 setups.

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