Mosaic Cycles makes unique bikes that are perfect for your performance goals. They use high-quality materials like titanium and steel for versatile options. The design process starts with a pre-bike fitting, followed by careful manufacturing. Each bike is made with precision and exudes attention to detail. Discover the difference of a Mosaic and design your dream bike.

Mosaic Cycles at BikeSuperior

Discover Mosaic Cycles at BikeSuperior, where craftsmanship and innovation come together. Our collaboration provides expertise in custom-made bicycle designs. With Mosaic's precision and BikeSuperior's customer focus, we customise every Mosaic perfectly. Explore our showroom for your ideal combination of performance and style. Experience the difference of a Mosaic road or gravel bike at BikeSuperior.

Boulder, Colorado

Mosaic Cycles meticulously crafts each bike in their workshop in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Skilled craftsmen carry out every step, from designing the frame geometry to welding the tubes. As a result, they meet the highest quality standards. Mosaic's dedication is evident in every bike they produce, making them a reliable choice for cyclists worldwide.