Factor makes each bike the best version it can be because compromising is not an option. With their own factory, they have complete control over their bikes and can experiment and constantly innovate.

Factor Bikes at BikeSuperior

Factor Bikes was born from the pursuit of innovation, speed, and performance through advanced technology. They are cyclists who don't accept compromise. Only the best. BikeSuperior offers a wide range of Factor Bikes, including the Factor One, Factor Ostro, and Factor O2 road bikes, and the Factor LS gravel bike.

The history of Factor Bikes: A history filled with racing excellence

Factor Bikes was founded with the promise of innovation, speed, and performance through advanced technology, representing the perfect fusion of technology and integration. With a heritage deeply rooted in the world of motorsport and aviation, Factor constantly seeks new ways to innovate in its designs and products.

The motorsport technology that helped define Factor's earliest creations, such as the power meter developed by bf1systems and the data logging system found on previous Factor bikes, has propelled the bicycle industry further. These design efforts continue to permeate Factor bikes. Factor is not afraid to do things differently to advance technology.

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