Pinarello's history is one of extraordinary victories, iconic bikes, passion and expertise. The Pinarello F is born from this unique DNA, designed to deliver high performance and lead you straight to victory. The Pinarello F is made to perform well on all terrains and therefore climb well, but also to be comfortable in high-speed descents. A real all-round performance!

T700 / T900

The Pinarello F is available in the Pinarello F5, Pinarello F7 and Pinarello F9, with the collective name Pinarello F.
Torayca carbon T700 is used for the Pinarello F5. The secret of this type of carbon is to maintain responsiveness and performance while providing a higher comfort level in terms of absorbing vibrations. More comfort, more fun!

The lighter carbon type Torayca T900 is used for the Pinarello F7 and F9. The right balance between agility, comfort and lightweight for competitive use.