The Aurum Manto is based on the Aurum Magma Road Bike, but with wider tires and gravel-specific geometry. It is a gravel bike that combines all the riding experience of Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso and the experience of Aurum to design a top-level bike.

Features of the Aurum Manto

The Aurum Manto offers the perfect combination of stiffness, comfort, aerodynamics and lightweight design. The stiffness gives the Aurum Manto efficient power transmission and reliable driving characteristics and the built-in comfort allows you to continue performing at the top of your ability even during long rides.

The optimized aerodynamics together with the light weight save you energy and provide a lively feeling without sacrificing stiffness and comfort.

The geometry of the Aurum Manto is designed and optimized for tires between 40 and 45mm wide. This is the perfect bandwidth for gravel: the best balance between traction, speed and comfort. Even in muddy conditions, the Aurum Manto offers enough space in the frame.

Aurum Manto Options

To optimize your Aurum Manto down to the last detail, you can now opt for the new fully integrated cockpit from Aurum. This cockpit eliminates visible cables and pipes and improves aerodynamics and overall design.

Aurum Manto Gravelbikes at BikeSuperior

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