The 3T RaceMax Italia is handmade in Italy and designed to be the fastest bike on any combination of asphalt, gravel and sand during the most extreme rides and races. This new RaceMax Italia, the successor to the 3T Exploro RaceMax, is even faster with internal cabling and the completely new 3T MORE carbon aero stem.

100% Made in Italy

3T's dream to bring the production of carbon bicycles and parts back to Italy has become reality. In their factory, near Bergamo, the fastest gravel frame is handmade using machines of their own development.

Features 3T Racemax Italia

The 3T Racemax Italia is based on the Racemax-418 frame. This gives the bike the option to fit tires up to 45mm WAM on a 700c rim. Up to 61mm tires can be mounted on a 650b rim.

The frame is suitable for 1X and 2X Sram and Shimano groupset. This means that the RaceMax Italia can also be ridden with a 'normal' road setup, when the gravel bike is often used as a racing bike.