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    Wednesday 18 March 2023

    Jasper's Open U.P

    Our team consists of enthusiasts, guys with passion and an eye for detail. They love to try out all the bikes in our store. But what kind of bikes do they ride themselves? In this blog you will find out.

    In this blog, we cover Jasper's Open U.P. using three questions.

    1. What were your considerations prior to choosing this bike?
    I was looking for a bike that I could use both as a gravel bike, in the cross and on the road. Because I do road and cyclocross races, it is important to me that the bike is comfortable and direct, but not inferior to an average road bike.

    2. What mix of components on the bike make the difference for you?

    The Open U.P. frame is a great base for a do it all bike. The frame is light and stiff, but is still very agile. In addition, I opted for RTP (Ready To Paint). With RTP, you can choose your own colours and they are sprayed especially for you.

    I opted for a Sram Force 1x12 group. This group shifts super, is reliable and has many options when it comes to changing cassettes. In fact, I have two different setups, one for road and one for off-road. I usually change to the road setup in spring and the off-road setup in autumn.

    Road setup:
    - Wheels: Zipp 303s
    - Stem: Zipp stem 115 mm -25°
    - Tyres: Pirelli P Zero, 28 mm TLR Classic
    - Casette: Sram Force 10-36

    Off-road setup:
    - Wheels: Zipp 303s
    - Stem: Zipp stem 110 mm -6°
    - Tyres: Schwalbe G-One R 40 mm
    - Casette: Sram XPLR 10-44

    3. After the first rides, what are your experiences with the bike?

    This bike is so far the finest bike I have owned so far. The bike is fast on gravel and in the field, but certainly not inferior to road bikes on the road, for my feeling I have no disadvantage.
    Changing setup takes some time, but you get used to it quickly. Cycling up hills or in mountains is fine with one front blade, the only disadvantage is that there are bigger steps between gears. This took some getting used to.

    I am very glad I made this choice. I recommend this setup, to anyone looking for the perfect 'Do It All' bike.

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