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    U-Sport Bike Foam Cleaner

    Product description

    U-Sport Bike Foam Cleaner

    Bike Foam Cleaner from U-Sport is an effective and strong foam cleaner for quickly and completely cleaning your bike. The spray is suitable for racing bikes, mountain bikes, sports bikes, gravel and cross bikes. With the biodegradable foam spray from U-Sport you can quickly and streak-free clean all types of frames and metal parts. You can use the foam cleaner anywhere, because the foam ensures that you do not have to use water to clean your bike. The formula with strong soap substances works quickly and effectively and can be used multifunctionally after bike rides on the road, in the forest and even through the mud.

    The foam spray can be used multifunctionally on all types of frames and materials, such as carbon, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, rubber, plastic and chrome.

    The foam spray is suitable for cleaning your frame and metal parts of your bicycle. In addition, the foam cleaner is excellent for use on your handlebar tape, helmet, glasses and other bicycle accessories.

    Benefits of Bike Foam Cleaner

    • Cleans quickly and effectively without using water.
    • Contains strong soap substances, dissolves dirt and soaks loose.
    • Biodegradable water-based formula.
    • Streak-free finish.
    • Suitable for all frames, including matte ones.
    • Suitable for bicycle accessories such as helmets, glasses and handlebar tape and even for cycling shoes.
    • Leaves a fresh scent.
    • With short instructional video via the QR code.

    Because the strong foam cleaner dissolves dirt, it ensures an optimal clean result. After cleaning, the spray leaves a fresh scent and your bike and materials are clean for your next cycling activity.

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