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    U-Sport Bio Bike Cleaner

    Product description

    U-Sport Bio Bike Cleaner

    The Bio Bike Cleaner is:

    • Suitable for all types of sporty bicycles;
    • Suitable for cleaning the entire bicycle;
    • Free from solvents and acids, so that the paint of the frame and parts is not affected;
    • To be used after a bike ride or during cleaning;
    • Easy to apply with the spray bottle, which also makes it possible to clean hard-to-reach parts.

    The Bio Bike Cleaner removes even the most stubborn dirt and leaves a fresh apple-pear scent. The degreasing cleaner provides a protective effect and makes cleaning your bicycle very easy. Apply the cleaner to the dirty parts of your bike and rinse it with water after a few minutes. Be careful not to apply the product to bearings or other moving parts that are sensitive to water. Then dry your bike with a soft, dry cloth. This way your bike will shine like never before!

    U-Sport – We Advise

    Use the Bio Bike Cleaner in combination with the Soft Wash Brush and the Microfiber Cleaning & Polishing Cloth for optimal results. Do you want to polish and optimally protect your frame and parts? Use the Bike Wax Polisher from U-Sport to complete your cleaning. 

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