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    U-Sport Bio Drive Chain Cleaner

    Brand: U-Sport

    Product description

    U-Sport Bio Drive Chain Cleaner

    The powerful formulation of the Bio Drive Chain Cleaner is biodegradable and the trigger spray eliminates the need for propellants. These properties make the chain cleaner an environmentally friendly solution for cleaning the chain and drivetrain.

    It is important that you clean your chain and drive regularly. This way you prevent and reduce dirt adhesion and accumulation, which prevents friction and wear. The powerful chain cleaner removes stubborn dirt, grease, oil and wax without leaving damage or residue. After using the chain cleaner, oils and waxes adhere well to the chain. This ensures that your chain and drive turn and shift smoothly.

    Benefits of Bio Drive Chain Cleaner

    • Removes stubborn dirt, grease, oil and wax from the chain and drive components.
    • Provides a clean and shiny result.
    • In a handy trigger spray without propellants.
    • Suitable for use in a chain cleaning machine.
    • Reduces friction and friction of the chain and drivetrain parts.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Regular use extends the life of the chain and drive.

    U – Sports – We advise

    Use the Bio Drive Chain Cleaner in combination with the Bio Bike Cleaner to give your entire bike a complete cleaning. The Bio Bike Cleaner removes both light and stubborn dirt from your frame, wheels and other parts. After cleaning it is important to re-lubricate your chain, use the All Weather Bio Chain Oil for this. In wet or cold conditions we recommend using the Wet Weather Bio Chain Oil .

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